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Course Description: 

This course requires the reading of two books. Through the first book the student will learn the truth of who they are in Christ and what it means to be a child of God. They will also learn their spiritual identity and position in Christ is the essential truth that will set each person free. In the second book the student will discover why quests for meaning have not brought lasting happiness. They will also learn how to get off the performance treadmill, build up their self-worth in Jesus, and to trace and replace harmful emotions with God’s truth. The course will also require a 2500-word (12 page maximum) summarization for each book, written in MLA essay format of what the student has learned from each chapter. 


Requirements Summary:


Course Requirements: 

1. Reading of two books. 
2. Two 2500-word summarization essays. 
3. ~30 hours of work. 
4. Maximum time for course – 12 weeks.


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