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In person and virtual options available

All of our counselors are fully ordained or commissioned ministers of the Gospel and NCCA Certified Temperament Counselors. Our counselors hold all or some of the following licensure: NCCA Licensed Clinical Christian Counselors,   NCCA Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselors and NCCA Licensed Pastoral Counselors and NCCA Certified Temperament Counselors. They are Professional Members of the National Christian Counselors Association and Sarasota Academy of Christian Counseling.

Our counselors have years of experience helping people to manage the difficulties of life. Depression, anxiety, religious doubts, life transitions, anger, grief and loss and relationship issues are among some of the challenges of life that periodically keep us from living our fullest lives and being the best version of ourselves. The following is a brief overview of some but not all of the areas we counsel.

Temperament Therapy

Understanding our temperament gives us a special knowledge of the inner working of ourelves.We are able to recognize how we interact with our environment and the environment interacts with us. Our intellect, will and emotions are determing factors in our experiences as we relate to others. We express ourselves and respond relationally according to our temperaments.  When our needs are not met in fulfilling healthy ways we will seek ways to feel better, often times in ways that can be destructive to ourselves and those in our lives.  Understanding temperament can assist us in determining a career that is most comfortable for us, finding hobbies that will bring us the most satisfaction, knowing how we make decisions and take on responsibilities confidently, and what we need in our spiritual development.

Premarital and Marriage Counseling

Marriage is a sacred covenant between God, man and a woman. Because of the complexities of marriage there are many causes of friction and unhappiness that can arise. Our premarital counseling sessions are designed to focus on understanding temperaments and the unique needs, strengths, and weaknesses. We identify ways to establish a loving and supportive home, define roles and authority, and why having God at the center of life is key to a successful marriage. Our marriage counseling sessions are designed to help clients identify individual needs, learn healthy ways to communicate, and find workable suggestions to be applied in the home. We also identify the "junk in the trunk" brought into marriages and how to unpack it so no previous unresolved issues affect the marriage. Sessions are also designed to identify the roles in the marriage and how each person contributes to the success of the marriage.

Child, Adolescent, and Family

Anger, Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

A healthy family is built upon a healthy marriage. Whether children are born into a family, adopted or brought in from previous relationships their needs for love, safety, nurturing, stability and a sense of belonging is the same. Our counseling sessions are designed to focus on the individual child and their role in the family as well as detect underlying problems. Sessions focus on the purpose of family, love and unity in the home, individual family roles and healthy forms of communication. 

Our sessions are designed to help clients identify triggers, beliefs, fears or attitudes that contribute to living with anger, depression, irrational stress or anxiety. We teach clients how to replace wrong patters of thinking and habits with truth and healthy behaviors. We help clients evaluate circumstances, thought life and physiological factors that can contribute to depression and anxiety as well as creating a safe place to confront fears and trauma  in order to live in freedom and wholeness.  

Codependency and Intrapersonal Conflict

Codependency in the broadest sense is an addiction to people, behaviors or things. It is the fallacy of trying to control interior feelings by controlling people, things and events. Our sessions are designed to help clients identify behaviors and beliefs that contribute to codependency. We find practical alternatives to live free from codependency.We also assist clients in identifying internal conflict within their temperament and thought life and teach them ways to increase joy and mature emotionally in order to act like their real selves.

Grief, Divorce, and Loss

We will all encounter life changes at some point caused by death, loss of job or relationships or for some a divorce. The impact of these losses are painful and can take time to recover from, sometimes years. Our counseling services are designed to provide support, practical information, steps to healing and how to redefine the future in light of unexpected changes. We provide the short and long term care our clients need in their journey of rediscovery and healing.

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