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Master of Arts in Christian Counseling Degree for returning students is completed as follows: 

Program Requirements

·     Previously earned Bachelor of Arts through Cross and Crown Counseling Certified Academic Institute or other CAI.

·     Current Commissioning, Licensure or Ordination as a Christian minister

·     Professing Christian and member of a local church body



Students must complete twelve Advanced Certification (elective) courses. Depending on the elective courses chosen, students are eligible to receive advanced certification in one or more of the following areas:


Advanced Certification Fields

·     Integrated Marriage & Family Therapy

·     Child & Adolescent Therapy

·     Substance Abuse & Addiction Therapy

·     Temperament Therapy

·     Sexual Therapy

·     Death & Grief Therapy

·     Cognitive Therapy & Ethics

·     Crisis & Abuse Therapy


Students must complete the following:

·     Complete three additional hours of clinical supervision.

·     Complete a Thesis, 100 pages minimum taken from the 25 APS case studies completed in phase I and II of the BA program.  Each case study must contain a minimum of four to five pages.

·     Complete the matriculation process to award the student’s degree


Following the student’s completion of the 12 advanced elective courses, he or she will earn:

·     Master of Arts in Christian Counseling

·     Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor from the National Christian Counselors Association

·     Advanced Certification (if applicable)


Total Program Cost:


The following costs constitute the entire program for the Master of Arts in Christian Counseling for returning students:


                                                                                   Degree Program Total for Returning Students: $5,343

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